About this Site

Welcome to my new website and blog about, what else, books. Because the site is brand new, some categories do not yet have many books listed. I will continue adding book reviews weekly, so check back often. You never know, I just may review a book that you’ve been thinking of reading.

I have loved books since I was a child. I grew up going to the library with my mom, and going home with a stack of the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew mysteries along with biographies of Florence Nightingale, Clara Barton, John Paul Jones, and others. My love of reading blossomed from there. I like to give books as gifts, especially to children. I prefer to choose books with strong female characters and anti-bullying themes, especially for children and pre-teen girls. As the grandparent of an adopted bi-racial granddaughter, I look for books with themes of multi-cultural respect for both boys and girls.

Lots of people have said you can travel the world through books, but there is so much more. I have learned much from reading that I likely would never have learned elsewhere. For example, in what I assumed to be some chick-flick-style easy reads, I learned a lot about the endangered Loggerhead Sea Turtles, and about the once-popular tourist attractions in Florida, such as Silver Springs, and Weeki-Wachee Springs, being turned into state parks.

Why is this book reviewer grumpy? I was grumpy only because my preferred name for this site was already taken. So was every really good and fitting name I could think of, so I became quite frustrated and grumpy. I’m over it now; I promise not to take it out on the books or their authors.

What else would make a book reviewer grumpy?  Poor writing: bad grammar, a lack of punctuation, poor syntax, run-on sentences, dangling (incomplete) sentences, a lack of research on the part of the author, and incorrect word usage, to name just a few.

On this site, I will be sharing my opinion, as that is what a book reviewer does. Unlike book reviews written for a college course, or even some high school courses, where reviews are (or should be) written only in 3rd person, I will be writing in a more personal manner, as if I were talking with my readers. Of course, your comments are invited and welcomed.

For adults, some of my favorite authors, are Daniel Silva Mary Alice Monroe, Mary Kay AndrewsAdriana TrigianiW.E.B. GriffinClive CusslerDavid BaldacciAnne Rivers SiddonsDorothea Benton FrankMary Higgins ClarkKate Jacobs, Kathleen Morgan, Sue Grafton, Diana Gabaldon, Kristina McMorris, and Nelson DeMille.

I will be reading the books of these authors, and many others; and sharing a curated list of my favorite books, as well as providing links to the website of each author whose books I promote. I sincerely hope you enjoy this site, and will visit often.

I have added four other websites/blogs: In the Garden with Maria, Cooking with Bo and Mia, Joy, Grace, Peace, and Down Hibiscus Lane. That last one was started primarily for our friends and family to be able to see what we were doing with our new home, but it, too, is open to anyone.


4 Responses to About this Site

  1. glenmoyer says:

    YOu have 3 of my favorite authors listed…Cussler, Silva, and Baldacci. You might want to sample my alltime favorite Allistair MaClean (Ice Station Zebra,Circus, etc). Chris likes Mary Higgins Clark…she lived close to us in NJ)
    Anxious to start reading.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’ve heard of “Ice Station Zebra”, but haven’t read it. I will have to familiarize myself with McLean’s work. I have read several of Clark’s books, though. How cool is that, to live so close to a famous author? Thanks for letting me know about McLean.


  2. uymcqlfl@gmail.com says:

    I adore this website – its so usefull and helpfull.|


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