About this Site

Grumpy has moved. No worries! She is still around, and writing more book reviews than ever. She is also now a professional proofreader offering her services to authors, editors, and publishers.

The new site is grumpybookreviewer.com. If you are reading this you are at “grumpybookreviewer.wordpress.com”. Please go to “grumpybookreviewer.com“.


Why did Grumpy move? 

One reason only:  in order to be able to provide direct access to Amazon and its endless supply of books and all sorts of other things, it was necessary to relocate to a host that would allow links to commercial sites.





4 Responses to About this Site

  1. glenmoyer says:

    YOu have 3 of my favorite authors listed…Cussler, Silva, and Baldacci. You might want to sample my alltime favorite Allistair MaClean (Ice Station Zebra,Circus, etc). Chris likes Mary Higgins Clark…she lived close to us in NJ)
    Anxious to start reading.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’ve heard of “Ice Station Zebra”, but haven’t read it. I will have to familiarize myself with McLean’s work. I have read several of Clark’s books, though. How cool is that, to live so close to a famous author? Thanks for letting me know about McLean.


  2. uymcqlfl@gmail.com says:

    I adore this website – its so usefull and helpfull.|


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